Monday, June 20, 2011


I now was able to fall asleep. I fell into a deep sleep, one where you go to get away from reality, one that is so far away, that nothing matters more then that soft fluffy cloud you are drifting on. You are able to be surounded by pure love and comfort. No fear, no worries, and no pain.

Mrs. Geilmann! Mrs. Geilmann! Wake up, there are some special people here to see you. I opened my eyes and I saw John standing there with my sweet 6 year old daughter, JoDell and my darling 18 month old son, Jared. Tears came to my eyes as Jared climbed on my bed and JoDell put her arms around me. Seeing them reminded me of why I was living and why I needed to keep on living. I love them so much, they are my life.

JoDell, is the gift that complements my life. I had never imagined how much happiness a baby could bring into my life until she was placed in my arms. Is it possible to be the mother of the sister you always wanted and never got?

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