Thursday, May 20, 2010

Coming to Earth

Gene, just became my new friend. She assured me that Casey was stable, that her vitals sign were steady, her coloring was good and she was so darling and had allot of hair. She also said that she was on 100% breaths and 100% oxygen. She said that, if the machines weren't breathing for her - she wouldn't be living. She said that the doctors would be looking at her and decided what needs to be done. I told her that I wanted to be kept informed and she said that I could call anytime I wanted too.

John had gone home that night and gathered JoDell and Jared from his sisters. He told them what was happening and they told him that they were always available to watch the kids.

JoDell ask - is she going to die? JoDell is about 4 years more mature then her young age of 5. As she was kneeling and saying her prayers she ask her Father in Heaven, (with all her young faith) to please take care of her mommy and don't let her sister die. She hugged her daddy, and said to him, everything is going to be all right, I just know it.

Jared was only 18 months, I'm sure he was feeling something, after all, his life was turning upside down. John hugged him and Jared ask with a sat throat, "Where's mommy?" Grateful that he could say, mommies fine and she'll be home to see you in a few days.

I wasn't sleeping very well that night, the medication had worn off and I started thinking. I always think too much and I wanted answers. I remembered Gene telling me I could call, and I had the number directly to the Intensive Care Unit at Primary Children's Hospital, so I called. It was 3:30 in the morning but Gene was there and she was very kind and patient. She told me that the doctors had been in and looked at the ex rays and found that her trachea was attached to her esophagus. When she swallowed the fluid went straight to her lungs, filling her lungs and causing fluid to remaining in the placenta. That would explain why I was big enough to have triplets and there was only one small baby. Also when I was opened, buckets of water spilled to the floor.

Surgery was set for in the morning. Three procedures would be necessary. First, a duct that was suppose to have closed during the delivery needed to be closed. Second the trachea would be detached from the esophagus and attached to the lungs. Third the Esophagus would be attached to the stomach. It was a fairly common procedure with a 6 week healing time.

Gene said that it would take about 6 hours and I should call after that.

I was able to go to sleep praying that all would go well.


YEA! My first ever drawing for those that are trying to follow my story. It's going so slow, I know. I have now found out, for sure, that Primary Children's Hospital no longer has her medical file. It must have been in the group, a long time ago, that didn't get put on microfiche.

The winner of the drawing is: CYNTHIA HORST - please e-mail your address Cynthia, I have a special prize for you.

I will be writting more this week-end.

Big Hugs

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Now I can get her medical records

Sunday morning I was hurrying to get ready for church, forgetting what the day was, and as I went into the great room and looked at my desk, laying on the computer was an envelope. I looked closer and I saw a picture of a baby. I looked closer still and I saw the words birth/death certificate.

I screamed -------- I have been wanting this for over 15 years and I've procrastinated getting it from the S.L. Health Dept.

My John came into the kitchen, I threw my arms around him and we both stood there and bawled for 5 minutes.

My heart was so touched. It was as if our daughter (Casey) was there saying "Happy Mothers Day Mom".