Saturday, September 7, 2013


Casey is so close to me today! Every once and awhile I am blessed with the hand of mercy and I am able to see way beyond my years and into a place where only angles are permitted. A place where things don't have any weight and can move without any care.  Where words have only one meaning  "PURE LOVE'. In it's simplest form, without any conditions or expectations.  As I begin to really enjoy this space I am taken back to the day of "freedom" that I experienced in the Intensive Care Unit.  I arrived and was washing up and putting a sterile gown on and I said hello to Gene.  She said come see, Casey is free!  She was breathing on her own. No more breathing tube, no more breaths being given to her. She was using her own lungs - pushing air in and out.   She can do it!

This was a great day. She not only was able to breath without the help of a respirator, she was able to make a noise.  I was finally able to here her voice.  She was sick, so very, very sick.
Gene ask me is I'd like to hold her.  My heart jumped and I sat in the rocking chair.  Gene carefully moved the wires and tubes closer to me, then gently lifted Casey's tiny body.  She laid her on my chest, her tiny head was under my chin.  Gene laid her blanket over her so we could cuddle.  And that we did.